Let Your Festival Rock Harder!

Be the talk of the town. Take your festival to the next level. A live musical performance that moves your audience. Making unforgettable memories.

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We take a stand for the subversives of the world. Click play. Alternative is normal.

Random Order is a unique band.

and Lynx is a unique performer who offers a live solo subversive rock tour that goes to whatever festivals the film plays.

The next festival could be you.

Imagine the looks on your audiences faces when they realize they’re treated to a cathartic, energizing live musical performance at a film festival! Imagine the audience singing along the words to the songs telling friends, family, the media as they brag about their festival experience.

Your festival deserves to be remembered. Remembered as a first!

And it’s simple to help that dream come to life, click the link below to drop Lynx an e-mail and discuss a win-win solution that works within your festival’s budget.

Let’s rock together 🙂


Currently touring with film “S&M Sally”.

Here’s a look at the fun performance of hit single “Black Lipstick Kiss” at Cinekink Festival in New York:

Watch this for a preview of the impact your festival will be making.


“Random Order’s tales from the dark side with hooks to spare” – j. poet, Magnet Magazine


“Song so good I featured it in my film’s trailer.” – Michelle Ehlen


“Die gute art subversiven.” – Lynx



You can dig deeper with the Random Order Electronic Press Kit.


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Relax, I may have the name of a wildcat but I won’t bite…

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